Philosophical Goals

WISDOM - that each student may develop intellect and talents to expand his/her awareness of God’s Word, and the world and that each student may master skills to function as a competent, creative, productive and responsible member of the community.

STATURE - that each student may develop, nurture and discipline his/her body, recognizing it to be the wonderful vehicle of personality and the intended temple of the Holy Spirit.

FAVOR WITH GOD - that each student may understand and accept God’s great love and receive Jesus Christ as his/her personal Savior and that each student may learn, through a joyous faith, to live in obedience to the Bible and to those in authority.

FAVOR WITH MAN - that each student may appreciate his/her worth as a creation of God and become increasingly unselfish, gracious, honest, cooperative in relating to others and learning personal discipline independent of outside constraints.

Parents are responsible for the complete education of their children. Our school, founded on Christian values, supports the homes and churches of students in providing an education that is grounded in the Judeo-Christian values of the Bible as reflected in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Highlands Christian Schools seek to admit into the school, students of parents who will support the school’s mission and educational philosophy.

The purpose of Highlands Christian Schools is to challenge each student to achieve their utmost potential with academic excellence, positive social relationships, Christian moral values, spiritual development and physical growth opportunities. It means teaching students at their individual level of understanding.