Miss Remo


Miss Remo has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Education from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Graduating from Highlands in 2003, she has returned almost a decade later to work at Highlands. First starting as an extended care teacher, Jinelle got her first teaching break by teaching 6th-grade study skills. After her 3rd year of teaching Study Skills, Jinelle was asked to become the homeroom and Bible teacher for the 2017 8th grade class. When Jinelle is not teaching, she spends her time encouraging the elementary students to read as the Librarian of the school.

Her main passion for teaching is to instill a love of learning to her students as well as being a positive role model for her homeroom. In addition, she loves teaching at Highlands because of the emphasis on Christian education. The spiritual growth has been a top priority in her students.

Jinelle has been privileged to work with Church of the Highlands as a youth leader. This position allowed her to see students in a non-school setting and has given her the ability to help 6th-12th graders throughout various aspects of their lives.

Teaching was never a path Jinelle saw for herself. Despite her personal plans, she remains a dedicated teacher amongst many others at HCS who all work together in unity to grow each student intellectually, physically and spiritually.