Mrs Myers


 Mrs. Myers chose to teach at Highlands Christian School because of her love for Jesus Christ, and desire to help others fall in love with Him. She believes that the Holy Spirit must be in a persons life for them to reach their full potential.  She is passionate about her faith and is committed to working in an environment that has as its goal the building of God’s kingdom andpeople.     

At Highlands Christian School she has taught elementary, Middle School and High School Spanish, over the last 13 years. However. She developed the middle school language program to ready Highlands students to excel in Highschool language classes.  She currently teaches Spanish 6-8 grade, Life Skills 8th Grade, Bible 7th Grade, she is the seventh grade girls homeroom advisor, and the middle school chapel coordinator. In addition she has worked with Church of the Highlands youth group, women ministries and marriage ministry alongside her husband, pastor John Myers. 

As a native Spanish language speaker she enjoys teaching both the language and culture of Latin America. She also enjoys teaching life skills, which helps the students learn important practical skills they can apply immediately. Her goal, driven by her faith in Jesus Christ, is to shape her students academic skills, character, and spiritual foundation. As chapel coordinator she organizes and facilitates our schools weekly spiritual centerpiece. She loves teaching because it affords her a great opportunity to nurture the lives of others, and because of the positive growth she sees in her students.