Mrs Brown


Anneline Brown is currently the 6th Grade Math, 6th Grade Honors Math, 7th Grade Accelerated Math, & 6th Grade English teacher. During & after her college career at San Francisco State University, Anneline worked at Bank of America as a personal banker. It was after her fourth year at the bank that she decided to go into a profession that would make more of a difference in her community. Upon graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree, Anneline applied at Highlands Christian School & was hired as the PreAlgebra & English teacher for middle school. She has been at Highlands for 10 years. Highlands holds a special place in her heart, not only because of her students, but because this is where she met her husband, James. They have been married for 7 years & have two daughters, Kennedy Elise (3) and Reese Everly (1). In her spare time, when she is not hanging out with her family and friends, Anneline loves to read whatever is in her reading bucket list. Her main goal here at Highlands is to set a Christ-like example to every student she encounters, in the hopes that they, too, will offer their hearts to Christ and find their identity and worth in Him. Students know her for showing tough love. But regardless of that tough love, she wants the students to realize that they are always capable of finishing any task given to them, that they are special, and that they are loved.