Mr Mozzone


Weighing in at 210lbs we have rare breed here at Highlands Christian Schools, a caucasian male teacher. Highlands has been blessed to have him in their ranks for 10 years!!!  After training and working out in 5th grade for 4 years he grew his potential and abilities and is now honing his skills in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade science classes.

With God at the center of Mr. Mozzone’s life, he’s from the East Coast, specifically New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York.  God brought Mr. Mozzone to California to bring him back to Himself. On March 8th 2002, is when Mr. Mozzone’s life path for God was established at Mt. Hermon in Santa Cruz, CA.

Michael Mozzone is a jack of all trades and even took a basket weaving class and has yet to utilize its teachings.  From an early age Mr. Mozzone has always loved creating with and exploring God’s playground called Earth. From hunting deer and other game, fishing in the natural lakes and rivers of the East Coast, Mr. Mozzone is now hunting souls for God in his science lab at HCS.