Mr Somers

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Steve has taught at Highlands for 13 years.  He has taught 2nd Grade, 4th Grade, and 5th Grade.  He loves teaching Math, and he teaches math to all 5th grade classes at Highlands.  He has always had a heart to teach and educate young minds for Christ.

Before he taught at Highlands, he received his Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education.  He has earned his California Teaching Credential, and loves to be in the classroom.

He has his own two daughters attending the school as well, and feels the school shows a great Christian example and desire from each of the staff to teach his daughter's as well as the other students a love for God, a desire to be more like Him, and to love each other.

Steve loves his hobbies too.  He loves his garage!  He works with his hands to make woodworking creations, like clocks, cutting boards, furniture, etc....

He also has a love for old muscle cars.  He spends some of his extra time working on his own cars and repairing them to make them better than they once were.  

Steve loves to spend time with his two daughters, and his wife, Julie.  They all show how much they love each other every day, and love to help dad with his projects, or even attending swap meets and car shows!

Steve also loves to be a coach.  Playing sports his whole life growing up, now loves to teach the kids and coach them in various sports here at Highlands.  He coaches basketball and soccer.  

Steve wants to continue to be an educator that can trigger that mind to be the best it can be and to move on with the knowledge they need, to make wise decisions and be the future to the next generation of amazing young minds.

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