Mr Myers


John Myers has been a teacher at Highlands Christian Schools for over 30 years. It was as a teacher's aide that he discovered his joy in working with youth. Preparation for his teaching career began at San Jose State University where he received his BA. His Major was in Liberal Studies and his minor was in psychology. He earned a scholarship there as a 4.0 Dean's List Scholar.  He maintained a 4.0 while gaining his California teaching credential at Simpson College, and his masters degree from Shasta Bible College.

He is a pastor at Church of the Highlands and has worked primarily with middle school students over the last three decades. His preparation for this role took place at Peninsula Bible Church in Palo Alto where for three and a half years he was discipled and interned in an intensive seminary-like program. It was there he sensed God calling him to “tend my lambs.”

Mr Myers is the Middle School coordinator. He teaches Ancient History from creation to Christ to 6th grade students, U.S. History from the Age of Discovery to the present to 8th grade students, and Bible to 7th grade boys, whom he also serves as homeroom advisor.

He recognises and enjoys the good qualities that youth possess: vitality, teachability, a sense of humour, friendliness, loyalty, and the ability to forgive. He considers it a privilege to spend so much of life with them. In addition to loving his students, he delights in discovering and sharing the profound truths of the Bible, and the illustrations of these truths in history.

Mr Myers finds teaching at Highlands Christian Schools an ideal vehicle for sharing Christ and biblical principles with young people during this formative season of their lives. He values being part of a team united by faith whose goal is to graduate students equipped to be successful in life and to have an impact for good and for God in their families, community, and beyond. He appreciates the highly supportive parents, and the sacrifice they make to send their children to Highlands.