Mr Flores


Mr. Flores has recently celebrated his 10th year of working at Highlands Christian Schools. He began working as an Extended Care worker, and after graduating from college, began his career as a Christian Educator. Mr. Flores is currently the 6th Grade Boys Homeroom teacher, furthermore he is teaching 6th Grade Boys Bible, 7th Grade English, 8th Grade English, and 8th Grade Honors English. Mr. Flores has a passion for teaching English and equipping his students with the essential skills for success in Expository Essay Writing. While that is a huge thrust in his classroom, Mr. Flores' calling is truly to disciple and mentor young lives, and he seeks to cultivate lasting relationships with his students. To see his students flourish, and to witness the hand of God at work in their lives, is one of his greatest joys. His prayer for those students in his immediate area of influence, is that they would love God and put Him first, love people and pursue good, and love service and commit to building His Kingdom.