Mr Batnag


Mr. Fidel Batnag Jr. has been part of the Highlands family since August of 2014 and has taught 1st and 2nd grade levels. He is well known to his students as “Mr. B”. Prior to teaching at Highlands, Mr. Batnag was a College Professor at the University of Baguio (Philippines) for more than 10 years teaching Philosophy (Ethics, Logic, Philosophy of the Human Person), and Psychology (General Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Group Dynamics). He also worked as a Guidance Counselor and a Community Outreach, Research and Extension Coordinator in the same university. Mr. Batnag has a Masters Degree in Education (MAEd-Psychology) and earned units in Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) in Developmental Education.

Mr. Batnag’s Philosophy of Education is summed up in 5 key words namely: personal, relational, communal, spiritual and pragmatic.  He sees the learner as a “box of surprises” with infinite possibilities, and believes that education’s primary goal is the “education of the heart”, which focuses on values more than memorization of facts. He believes that the core of  Christian Education is centered in the process of allowing the learners become what God has intended them to be, and not to control, determine or dictate a specific end goal for each learner. He sees educators (teachers) as emissaries called to guide learners in finding the purpose God has planned for them.

Mr. Batnag has deep interest in sports, photography and outdoors. He plays basketball, table tennis, badminton and chess. He is also into trail running and city races. He loves camping, picnics and barbecue. He plays the guitar and occasionally sings.