Letter from Dr Leonor


Highlands Christian Schools' vision is "Educating for Excellence." Our vision is that each student has spiritual, intellectual, physical and social excellence. We recognize and value the opportunity that is afforded us to not only focus on the intellectual development for our students, but also become thoroughly engaged in spiritually forming pursuit of learning, heeding the call to "train up a child in the way we should go." (Proverbs 22:6)

Such a holistic approach to educating students results in quality education. Here at Highlands, we instill in our students Biblical principles, or what they should know in their hearts; instruct our students in academics, or what they should know in their heads; and influence students' character, or what they should do with their hands.

The distinction of our teaching and mentoring students is spiritual transformation, not reformation. our primary objective is to develop and nurture students who, not only pursue academic excellence but also a personal and dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ that goes beyond the assurance of forgiveness.

God led me to Highlands 30 years ago as a high school Math and Science substitute teacher. I am immensely grateful that He allowed me to continue serving Him and minister to the students, parents and teachers. I have since become a classroom teacher, and now, the K-8 Administrator. It is a blessing to see the spiritual and academic growth among students through the years. I am also tremendously blessed to see several alumni enrolling their children in their alma mater. I believe this to be the highest compliment for a school.

Great and wonderful things are consistently occurring at Highlands, and with God's help, guidance, and wisdom, we will continue to pursue our vision of education for excellence.


Frances Leonor, Ed. D.

K-8 Administrator