HCS Invitational 2018


The 8th Annual Highlands Invitational is here!

Every year our Invitational has paved the road towards great improvements for students, staff and families of HCS. We have made steady improvements in our computer network, including crazy fast Internet. Our science lab upgrades have begun after some tricky moving of pipes to make room for what will be a state-of-the-art lab. We will also soon be able to begin work on the side picnic area as we wrap up soils engineering and permitting.

For this year’s invitational, we are trying something new: A family event held at the Recreation Center in South San Francisco including crab feed, raffles, auction and much more!

Our goal this year to raise $150,000 to replace two of our aging buses and complete new required safety and environmental upgrades on the other two. 

South San Francisco Recreation Center