Letter from Dr Johnston


Highlands Christian Schools opened its doors 50 years ago, and it has been an amazing journey. Among the more than 10,000 alumni, many have returned to express their gratitude for the transformation in their lives as a result of the teaching and solid foundation imparted to them. We are a ministry of Church of the Highlands, whose Senior Pastor is Leighton Sheley, a personal friend of many years. The school's founder, Vernita Sheley, served as Superintendent until 2011. My charge has been to assess the past and build a dynamic leadership team, and to develop strategic planning to boldly lead HCS into the next chapter of its history. A wise friend once said that leaders have a responsibility to honor the past, manage the present, and map the future.

These past years we have achieved exciting changes in our Preschool with the creation of what I call the Fun Forest Room, and the development of a unique curriculum with excellent training for our teachers. Another exciting development has been the new instrumental music program and school orchestra. It has been exciting to see the progress and development of our students as they learn to play an orchestral instrument. Highlands Christian Schools is well on its way to meeting the evolving needs of a rapidly changing world, while maintaining the timeless values of Christ and His Word, offering a balance of technology and current methods with time-honored principles.


David Johnston, BA, MM, DHum