Our course of study includes areas such as Bible, reading, math, English, spelling, health, safety, social studies, science, handwriting, art, physical education and music. Foreign language and computer instruction enrich the curriculum of some grades.

We are a Christian school; therefore, each day begins with prayer and Bible reading. It is our vision that our students incorporate the principles of the Bible into their daily lives. The Bible and Bible-related subjects are vital daily subjects and are included in the Grade Point Average (GPA). Chapel is held once a week where children and teachers have the opportunity to sing hymns, pray together and hear a message that may be presented with puppets, flash cards, videos, drama, flannel graph or by a speaker. Students often have the opportunity to participate in chapel and share with others the gifts and talents the Lord has given them.

Parents are welcome to attend chapel services. Days and times are announced during Parent Orientation Night.

It is our desire that the Biblical pattern for life enters every aspect of our school. Therefore, Christian instruction is not limited to “Bible lessons” or chapel, but rather it is integrated into each area: academic, physical, spiritual and social. We want God’s Word to be applicable and living in all areas of our students’ lives.